Every structure needs a GREAT foundation.

Cajun Ready Mix, Ltd. is a TEXAS PROUD Ready Mix Concrete producer servicing Montgomery County, Waller County, and nearby locations.

Our team happily provides FREE professional consultation for residential and commercial builders, architects, engineers, and government project leaders. We deliver a GREAT product at a value that makes you proud to be part of our Cajun family.


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How do we create a STRONG and LONG-LASTING foundation that will withstand nature's harsh elements? We achieve excellence in our products and services by requiring that we only use:

  • Professionally-engineered mix designs
  • Quality ingredients properly mixed to meet very tight specifications
  • Professional Class B CDL or better licensed drivers with safe driving records, who also have a passion for delivering quality service along with our Ready Mix product.

At Cajun Ready Mix, all of our mix designs are designed, produced, and verified according to industry standards and specifications. We have several decades of experience with designing and producing Portland Cement Concrete with Fly Ash, Slag Cement, Micro Silica and Chemical Admixtures. Our manufacturing equipment is calibrated to permit a maximum of 1% tolerance for mixture error. If you would like to tour any of our Ready Mix facilities, give us a call to schedule a visit.


Concrete provides the foundation for great communities. As a local family-owned and operated company, we've always desired to continue growing our "Cajun family" and sharing Bon Temps (Good Times) with the community we live, work, and play in.

Our customers trust the valuable experience Cajun Ready Mix provides before and after the sale. We take every job seriously to safely deliver a great ready mix foundation for our customers to build their homes, businesses, schools, grocery stores, offices, and roads. It is very rewarding for our family and staff to be able to drive around and point to so many projects we've helped successfully complete for our friends, neighbors, and travelers just passing through.

It is with our utmost gratitude that we've been so blessed to have such a great team, and a great community to support our mission. From the bottom of our hearts fellow Texans, Thank You!

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Where Good Concrete and Good Service Mix!



Cajun Ready Mix, Ltd. is a family owned and operated company established in 1999. By using expert knowledge and cutting edge technology to provide traditional, as well as customized concrete mix designs, Cajun Ready Mix can customize our products to your desired specifications. Not sure what mix design is best for you? No problem! Our knowledgeable staff can recommend a mix that provides the strength and durability you need to complete your project. Our personal approach to quoting, manufacturing, and delivering your product on time and on budget is what makes Cajun Ready Mix stand out from our competitors.

Mission Statement

We are committed to manufacturing a superior quality product by providing traditional and customized mix designs using cutting-edge technology with exceptional and unsurpassed service at a fair market price.

Modern Efficiency

With a modern fleet of mixer trucks, we are committed to providing a superior quality product with exceptional, unsurpassed service at a fair market price. Using the latest manufacturing, GPS and fleet management technologies we are able to track your order from start to finish and our dispatchers can let you know when to expect your delivery. Our dispatchers monitor all stages of the process to get your order delivered as timely as the weather & traffic conditions allow.


  • 1999 - Cajun Ready Mix, Ltd. opened its doors in Hockley, TX, founded by Troy J. Patin and 3 other partners
  • 2003 - Original location was sold
  • 2004 - Troy J. Patin and Deborah B. Patin bought the other 3 partners out
  • 2005 - Cajun Ready Mix, Ltd. opened its doors in Montgomery, TX, our main location in beautiful Montgomery County, TX!
  • 2015 - Cajun Ready Mix, Ltd. opened a second location in Hempstead, TX!
  • 2017 – Cajun Ready Mix, Ltd. opened a third location in Conroe, TX!


Great communities require solid foundations! At Cajun Ready Mix, we not only provide great concrete, but we also live, work, and play in the communities we serve. Our community service and sponsorship efforts over the years have introduced us to some really wonderful people, many of whom have become personal friends and customers. When you become a Cajun Ready Mix customer, you become part of our Cajun family. Our mission to provide great product AND great service allows us to contribute more than just dollars and cents to our community. When we do our jobs right, we are literally able to help build the communities we service. That's a powerful motivator for us, and we celebrate our successes by supporting several local causes, and of course laissons les bons temps rouler (letting the good times roll) at many of the community festivals we help support. The Cajun Ready Mix family enjoys what we do and we are proud to see the finished projects our customers complete with our products. Need great concrete from a strong community oriented company who can service your needs well into the future? Join the Cajun family and see why our customers keep coming back for all of their concrete needs.

F. A. Q.

Read some of our most frequently asked questions.

How can I trust that you have a high quality product?

There are professional organizations that certify ready mix concrete producers and plants, such as the National Ready Mix Concrete Association www.nrmca.org/.
Our certification numbers are: Montgomery (20585), Hempstead (20586), and Conroe (21688). Certification assures only consistently high quality products leave our facilities.

How long is the process from order placement to delivery?

A number of factors are involved with producing and delivering Ready Mix Concrete. Each order and customer location are obviously different, but we have the ability to give you a pretty accurate time frame during your free consultation with one of our professional staff members.

Do you have other Affiliates and Accreditations?

We employ ACI certified personnel.
We are an A+ rated business with the Better Business Bureau, and you can click here to view our profile.
We are members of the Montgomery Texas Chamber of Commerce.
aci bbb macc

What areas do you service?

The major areas we service are Anderson, Chappel Hill, Conroe, Cut and Shoot, Dobbin, Decker Prairie, Hockley, Hunstville, Magnolia, Montgomery, Navasota, New Waverly, Pinehurst, Plantersville, Richards, Roan's Prairie, Shenandoah, Shiro, Spring, Stage Coach, Stoneham, The Woodlands, Tomball, Waller, and Willis. See List

Why won't you deliver to ...?

Ready Mix Concrete has a very tight window of time where it needs to be poured and formed into whatever project it's going to be a part of. If your location is too far from one of our plant locations and not near a partner who can serve you within the needed time frame, then we apologetically may have to pass on the job. While some producers may take a gamble at delivering far outside the normal delivery windows by modifying the mixture to delay curing time, our quality and integrity standards are extremely important to us. We won't knowingly deliver an inferior product that has the potential to fail prematurely or unpredictably. We live and work in the communities we serve and getting quality product to our customers is our #1 priority.

How is Ready Mix Concrete made?

In its basic form, Ready Mix Concrete is made with cement and water to form a paste then mixed with an aggregate material such as sand or crushed rock. The exact mixture is selected by the customer or recommended by us depending on the project. Our dispatching software feeds the mix design variables to the batch plant operator, who then loads those materials into your delivery vehicles. The mixing process begins in the truck, and as soon as water is added, a chemical reaction takes place. This reaction continues until the truck is unloaded, and the wet slurry mix is fully cured into a hardened concrete structure. It is extremely important that once the curing process begins, the product is delivered and placed into its final form within approximately 60 minutes. This time varies by mix design, temperature, humidity, and other variables that may speed or slow the curing rate.

How is concrete sold?

Concrete is sold in volume, by the cubic yard in most cases. The simple way to get the volume you'll need to order is to plug your measurements into our handy calculator. For example, to find the cubic yard value needed for a slab 6" thick by 12' long and 12' wide:
1. Convert inches into feet. (6" / 12" = 0.5')
2. Multiply the three dimensions together to calculate the number of cubic feet: (0.5'depth x 12' (length) x 12' (width) = 72 cubic feet.
3. Divide the cubic feet value (72 cu ft) by the number of feet in a cubic yard (27) to get the number of cubic yards. (72 cu ft / 27 ft = 2.67 cu. yards.)

Why do concrete trucks drive so slow?

Thanks for noticing our safe drivers! Our vehicles carry thousands of pounds at a very high center of gravity, which is great for loading and pouring but unfortunately makes them very easy to over turn. To compensate for that, drivers are instructed to reduce speed, not make sudden turns or wheel jerking motions, and to follow at safe distances for adequate stopping time. Defensive driving and leaving plenty of space between vehicles prevent our drivers from having to frequently change lanes or veer off the roadway unnecessarily for quick-stopping motorists. We hope you understand. We'd rather be safe than sorry so everyone can get home safely to their loved ones.


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